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December 2011 Archives

Pew study show unmarried adults nearly equal married population

A surge of holiday engagements for happy couples in New York and elsewhere throughout the country is a common trend during the month of December. However, it was recently reported that 6 percent fewer American adults are married today than were married in 2000. A Pew Research Center report states 51 percent of adults are married compared to 57 percent just over a decade ago. Whether the numbers spell eventual doom for the institution of marriage or reflect a societal blip are subjects of speculation among societal observers.

How PBGC may affect your divorce settlement

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is a little-known but highly-used federal organization that legal experts say can impact an end-of-marriage agreement, even after all the divorce dust has settled. PBGC is a government backup for canceled, qualified pension plans.

Humphries' annulment could void prenup in Kardashian split

The couple's battleground has moved from a contested divorce to a contested annulment. While a desired annulment from reality star Kim Kardashian might clear Kris Humphries' marriage slate, there may be more than one reason the 26-year-old professional basketball player has not chosen to file for divorce.

Long Island man alleges girlfriend stole sperm for parent trap

A Long Island man says his former girlfriend tricked him into surprise fatherhood four years ago. The 36-year-old telecommunications manager now wants full custody of the twins, who were conceived at an infertility clinic with reportedly stolen sperm.

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