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September 2011 Archives

New York town clerk refuses marriage license to same-sex couple

A challenge to New York's same-sex marriage law has surfaced just months after our state enacted a law permitting people of the same sex to wed. A town clerk in the small town of Ledyard recently refused to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple, claiming doing so would be against her religious beliefs. This issue is being closely followed by attorneys who practice family law because the law allowing same-sex couples to marry is so new that courts, lawyers and government officials have not developed a uniform way of dealing with it.

Non-custodial parents rally for child support legal reform

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on a child support case this summer makes states responsible for determining which parents owing back child support should be jailed. The high court refused to change the practice some states follow of imprisoning delinquent parents without allowing them to speak to a lawyer.

New analysis finds New York divorce rates among lowest in U.S.

Marriage analysts are not surprised by the latest details from the U.S. Census Bureau about divorce and marriage rates among Americans. The 2009 figures say men and women living in New York are among the least likely to throw in the marital towel and far less likely to divorce than people from the South.

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