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June 2011 Archives

Clearing financial hurdles before the divorce settlement

In the twilight of a marriage when unhappy partners are contemplating divorce, psychological upheaval often overpowers financial common sense. Experts say some of the biggest mistakes divorcing couples make are emotionally charged choices.

What happens to assets during divorce

Asset division is a part of every divorce. How assets are divvied up depends on both state and federal laws. For couples going through a divorce in New York, family courts use what is called equitable distribution to divide marital assets and liabilities. "Equitable" is what the court rules as fair, not always an exact split of 50-50.

Ex-husband wants divorce re-settlement; blames Bernie Madoff

A New York ex-husband is arguing for a new divorce settlement five years after he and his wife split and is blaming financial fraudster Bernie Madoff. The husband and his ex-wife completed asset division as part of their 2006 divorce. He now wants to renegotiate that settlement, saying he lost a lot of money in the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

What the Schwarzenegger-Shriver split means for their finances

The media focus on ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, has been highly personal and, although the couple wishes otherwise, entirely public. Because of the couple's enormous individual and marital wealth, the financial aspect of the couple's split has made almost as many headlines as their impending divorce.

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