Fighting For Appropriate Spousal Support Orders

The intent of spousal support is to ensure that a divorce does not leave one party completely without financial stability. These payments can provide a lesser-earning spouse with financial support while he or she looks for a job, seeks a higher paying job or gets the education needed to reenter the workforce.

In high-net worth divorces, spousal support can be a complex issue, leading to contentious and often costly disputes.

We understand it is critical to leave your divorce with a fair and appropriate financial support order, and we also understand the issues at hand in a high stakes and high-net worth divorce. Our New York attorneys will fight for your interests and tenaciously defend your right to this type of support.

The Factors That May Impact Your Divorce

One of the most important factors in securing a fair spousal support order is a full disclosure of all finances and assets. Hidden income and varied income streams can make it difficult to determine how much a person actually makes and is capable of paying. True income is not an amount solely based on money, but can also include perks and benefits such as company car use, health insurance, stock options and more.

Our lawyer Curt Arnel is also an certified public accountant, and he employs his skills and background in finances to factor in all variables, find hidden assets and pursue an appropriate amount of support for his clients. Spousal support is often a contentious issue, but we work to reduce conflict and resolve this sensitive issue in a timely and effective manner.

You Deserve To Know Your Rights

The financial issues that arise in divorce can be emotionally driven and particularly difficult to resolve. We recognize that every situation is different, which is why we work to find a personalized solution for each client. We provide qualified representation in high asset and high conflict divorces.

If you are concerned about your right to spousal support after divorce, we can help. Call our Brooklyn office at 347-966-7378 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free initial case evaluation.