Protecting Your Largest Asset In Divorce – Your Retirement

How will divorce impact your financial future? You may be wondering how the end of your marriage will affect your immediate financial health and long-term savings, including your retirement. Marital assets accumulated over the course of the marriage will be subject to division in divorce, including retirement savings, but this does not mean your dreams for your golden years have to come to a halt.

At Arnel Law Firm, we help you pursue a property division order that is fair and sustainable. Lawyer Curt Arnel is a CPA, which means he is particularly qualified to guide you through the difficult process of addressing and dividing complex and important financial assets. With decades of experience in divorce and family law, we understand what is at stake and how to protect your future interests.

Will My Spouse Take My Savings?

We understand that property division is complicated, particularly when it involves assets that will impact your financial security in the future. While all marital assets are subject to division in a divorce, we can still help you pursue a settlement that provides you with security in your retirement years.

Dividing retirement accounts requires the drafting of a document called a qualified domestic relations order. Our experienced New York legal team will not only fight for a beneficial property division settlement, we can also assist with the process of drafting a QDRO. Our extensive experience in handling sensitive financial matters allows us to provide you with the qualified guidance you need to shield your long-term interests.

We Can Address Your Divorce-Related Financial Concerns

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