High Asset Divorce Does Not Require High Stress

Divorce is seldom easy, and complex assets or high net worth may magnify the conflicts. If one or both spouses has significant wealth, many complications may arise, whether they choose to litigate their divorce or take a less contentious path.

Most divorcing couples face similar issues, including child custody, child support payments, spousal support and the division of assets. For marriages with a high net worth, however, these issues may be even more challenging to resolve. Ascertaining which assets are marital and which are individual along with determining the actual value of the assets is where Arnel Law Firm of Brooklyn, New York can step in to protect your interests.

Properly Valuating Complex Assets

It is not always easy to put a value on an object, and this is a critical step in the process of property division. You may not even realize how valuable your martial assets are, for example, if you or your spouse owns a cash-based business or have other unreported income. Curt Arnel and his associates can assist you in reviewing assets including the following:

  • Businesses and professional practices
  • Intellectual property
  • Real estate
  • Fine art
  • Family heirlooms
  • Cars, boats and other vehicles
  • Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Retirement plans and investments, including foreign funds

Full disclosure of all assets is essential to a fair process. A spouse who conceals, dissipates or devalues assets denies you what is rightfully yours. You need an attorney whose focus will be protecting your welfare and working to obtain a fair and equitable share of the joint assets.

Arriving at a just separation of complex assets requires efficiency and attention to detail. Curt Arnel spent years helping people reach their financial goals as a certified public accountant. The division of assets is not just about weighing the value of the objects. You will also have debts, liabilities and tax implications to consider, as well as adjustments for spousal support. Curt Arnel's training and skill as a CPA will ensure that all of your interests are considered and protected.

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