Spousal Support

Many divorce lawyers handle spousal maintenance (a.k.a. alimony or spousal support). But few of those divorce lawyers are also Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), with extensive knowledge about financial matters. For more than 30 years as a divorce lawyer, my background as a CPA has given my clients an edge in spousal maintenance matters.

The Advantages Of An Attorney / CPA

I can dig for assets and find clues in financial documents such as tax returns, loan applications and insurance applications that many other divorce lawyers may overlook. For example, if an opposing party is in a cash business, I can use my training in accounting and auditing to show that someone is making more money than they admit they are making. This can help you obtain better settlements, more alimony and more child support.

I can cross-examine CPAs and other expert witnesses very effectively. I can also utilize forensic accounting and cost of lifestyle analysis to learn more about what assets a spouse may be concealing, which can also come into play during the division of assets. I know what to look for and how to interpret what I find. I also know how to work with pension experts, actuaries, and appraisers. In addition, I can help you value your divorce settlement to determine the tax impact.

How It Works

In New York, the divorce courts look at the pre-separation standard of living as a major factor in determining spousal maintenance. Each person's ability to be self-supporting is also a major factor. The court recognizes that the parent with child custody may be unable to work full-time because of child care responsibilities, and makes decisions accordingly.

An important thing to realize is that courts do not award spousal maintenance to "punish" or "reward" a spouse. If one spouse is caught cheating, for example, he or she will not necessarily receive less money or have to give up more as a result. Divorce is the breakup of an economic partnership, as well as an emotional relationship. The court does keep track of the fact that alimony and child support may be coming from the same source, and does not want to overtax a person's resources.

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