Grandparents' Rights

Grandparents can have amazingly positive influences on their grandchildren, yet when a couple gets divorced or splits up, grandparents can feel pushed out of their grandchildren's lives.

The experienced legal team at Arnel Law Firm in Brooklyn, New York, advocates aggressively for grandparents' rights.

In truth, the laws mostly protect the decision-making power of parents regarding how much access grandparents have to a grandchild, but there are circumstances when it makes sense for a grandparent to pursue legal action. We can review the facts of your situation during a free consultation and provide a straightforward opinion whether further legal action is warranted.

Are You A Grandparent Seeking Visitation?

Grandparents generally seek visitation in instances where their own child, the parent, does not have frequent visitation with the child or in instances when their child dies. The standard for awarding grandparents visitation is very dependent on the quality, frequency and recency of the pre-existing grandparent-child relationship.

Beyond visitation, grandparents can petition a court for custody of a grandchild under certain circumstances. Generally, this requires proving to the court that the parents are abusive, unfit or are creating a dangerous environment for the child. Courts do prefer family resources to step in when the natural parents are unable to properly care for their children.

The laws regarding grandparents' rights are complicated and often dependent upon the unique facts of each case. Our Brooklyn grandparents' rights lawyers understand your desire to maintain this rewarding relationship. We are prepared to fight for your right to spend time with your grandchildren.

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