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Child Support Archives

Child support awareness month: modifications may help hardships

While a joyous experience, raising children can also be an expensive endeavor. When parents divorce, this situation can become even more of a concern, as providing for children on a single income can prove difficult. Luckily, this is where child support comes in. This type of support can often help single parents make ends meet when it comes to meeting the needs of their kids.

Back child support lands former NFL player Meachem in jail

It is not altogether unusual for individuals to struggle with their divorce settlements. However, if parties do not make their alimony and/or child support payments as required, serious issues could come about for everyone involved. New York residents may be interested in one case that recently resulted in a former professional football player going to jail. 

Jodie Sweetin facing child support claim from ex-husband

Divorce cases that involve children are often complicated, even after a settlement has been finalized. If there are significant changes in circumstances, child support orders issued at the time of the divorce may be ill-suited to the new conditions under which an individual may be living. As a result, some parties may wish to seek changes to their support agreements. 

New York residents with low income may seek child support changes

Income often plays a significant role in a person's ability to make necessary payments. If an individual is obligated to pay child support but has a low income, he or she may struggle to attend to that obligation. Unfortunately, unpaid support could lead to difficulties for all parties involved.

New York men arrested for child support offenses

It is common that parents want to do their parts in efforts to provide for their children. However, individuals who are required to make child support payments may find themselves having a hard time keeping up with their obligations. These situations can prove difficult for all parties involved as children and custodial parents may be missing needed income, and the parent missing payments could face jail time.

Former NBA player Glen Rice gains child support modifications

Dealing with financial obligations is something that almost every adult must face. Some individuals may have monetary responsibilities that others do not, and child support could be one of those obligations. Though this support is often necessary for custodial parents to provide for the children, the parent who is required to pay may struggle to meet the monthly payments. In these cases, individuals may wish to consider support modifications.

Pitcher for New York Mets facing child support issues

When issues concerning child support arise, many parents undoubtedly feel serious concern. Failure to pay child support is a common problem that parents may experience, and such a situation could potentially lead to legal action being taken. New York residents may be interested in such a case involving Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon.

Modifications may help New York residents with child support

Missing child support payments can have a considerable impact on all parties involved. The individuals who should be receiving the payments may have a difficult time providing for their children, and the individuals who should be paying child support could face criminal charges if they fall too far behind. New York residents may be interested in a similar situation that recently took place in another state.

Some New York parents may seek child support modifications

Being required to make child support payments is an obligation that many New York residents probably face. However, some parties may have a difficult time making their child support payments due to low income, unexpected expenses or other reasons. Some individuals may be able to request modifications to their payments in hopes of making them more manageable. However, individuals who do not make their payments could face severe consequences, including jail time. 

Details of New York divorces may affect child support

Divorce may not come easy to New York residents who find themselves facing such a situation, and if there are children involved, they may be particularly concerned over their kids' welfare. As a result, there could be some tension surrounding child custody and child support issues during the proceedings. Even celebrities could face serious concerns about these topics.

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